Multiplatform command line tool

A secure and easily usable tool for any developer to interact with an EOS blockchain

Convenient and Easy to Install

A single binary that can be run from anywhere, including a USB key

Full Support for a wide Range of Platforms

Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Full Voting Support

Everything you will need to handle your EOS voting needs, including a convenient recast tool

Integrated With the EOS Referendum Tool

Built-in forum functionality for creating, voting on, and checking the status of all live proposals

Offline Transaction Signing

Easily create a cold wallet for secure segregation of your keys from the internet

Built-in EOS Wallet

Combining the function of cleos and keosd into a single tool. Spend less time interacting with multiple tools, and more time developing your project

eosc News

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eosc v1.3.0 Release

May 22, 2019

Release of eosc v1.3.0


eosc v1.1.0 Release

November 8, 2018

Release of eosc v1.1.0


eosc v1.0.0 Release

September 28, 2018

Release of eosc v1.0.0


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Leading through technology, EOS Canada is a Block Producer that builds unique development, testing, and production tools to enable developers and businesses to embrace blockchain technology to build a decentralized world, as well as for the benefit of the whole community.